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(2012, Little T&A Records)

By Wes Dodson

If vintage Black Sabbath appeals to your fancy, and the glowing, infernal, pit of sludge that the
cool kids now call stoner rock also meets with your approval, then you’re going to be hard
pressed to find a solitary flaw in Beg Upon The Light (Little T&A Records), a newly unveiled,
ten track release from Houston’s very own Venomous Maximus.

V.M.’s flagship, Give Up The Witch, had been previously featured in Rivethead Magazine
Podcast #3 (August 2011), having since remained a continuously rotating local favorite under
our roof!

First introduced as a 7” single, Give Up The Witch was later included on MMIX –MMXI, a cd
release pairing the out of print 7” with previously released gems from an also out of print 12” EP
entitled, The Mission (Cutthroat Records).

Beg Upon The Light appears to be a step up in the production department for these guys. In
contrast to previous recordings, this record is remarkably clean and unexpectedly crisp to my
ears. If you’re a new comer to the ground rattling vibes of Venomous Maximus, you can expect a
46 minute long platter that proudly resonates of Volume 4 era Black Sabbath. If you’re already a
fan, you can expect to quickly add this to your favorites without reservation. Personally, I find
myself faithfully devoted to the lo-fi, roomy ambience of the earlier materials, while reserving
the right to a change of heart once I’ve played this one into oblivion!

Albeit, based on the upscale presentation of Beg, it’s a good bet that the future promises to
deliver even bigger and better things from the giant beast that we know as... Venomous

Join Trevi, Bongo, Gregg, and Christian this Saturday, October 20th at Fitzgerald’s for their Beg
Upon The Light release party, with guests Mothership, Hamamatsu Tom and the Drink Tickets
and Brimwylf.

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