And there you have it.  To the best of our recent editorial knowledge, the only issue of Rivethead to be published in 1993 was Issue #46 in January.  If anybody out there has any issues beyond that -- these may or may not even exist -- please let us know.  During this year Joe Claytor struck out on his own with a short-lived spin-off publication called "Riveted", but it was not the same and never gained the widespread acceptance or circulation numbers that Rivethead had enjoyed.  Our beloved little rock paper, which once had ruled the world, or at least our inner-loop Houston scene, simply faded away into obscurity and ceased to exist.  Forgotten for many years, the Rivethead name would rest in peace for nearly two decades until one day in 2010 when Lisa E., recently divorced and looking to find her own identity again, dug it up, dusted it off, and established the Rivethead Facebook page.  From there this website was born.  Our new digital version is nothing like our old hard-copy paper was, but we still love it, and if you have come this far through the website and these Archives, then probably you do too.  Thank you, dear readers, for giving us a reason to carry on.

RH 1993