If 1991 saw us reach the summit of the mountain, it was in 1992 that we started down the other side.  As all natural things must run their course and eventually fade away, so it was also to be with Rivethead.  This process was gradual, largely unnoticed at the time.  In the beginning of '92 we still had it going on, the issues continued to be large, the staff rosters lengthy and star-studded, we had color in virtually every issue and we were interviewing some of the biggest rock names yet while still keeping our ear to the local underground.  Over the course of this year, though, things began to change.  The dedicated drive and commitment which Lisa E. had brought to the paper seemed to wane in her absence.  It was in 1992 that we started skipping over some months; our publishing schedule became erratic, and the public could no longer be sure that there would be a new issue on the stands by the 3rd of each month.  In fact, only eight issues were published this year.  As a result, interest started to fizzle among advertisers and the general public.  At one point during this year, Rivethead was being put together in an upstairs office at the Axiom -- a beloved place but one where distraction was rampant and linear focus very hard to achieve.  Our 4th Anniversary Issue, although thick with heavy-hitting rock journalism and stellar photography, was published with the sparsest of staff rosters.  The confidence, drive, and sense of purpose we had carried with us all these years began to fade, and as we entered 1993 the best thing that could be said of Rivethead is that we had very recently been great.

RH 1992