RH 1991

As 1990 drew to a close and 1991 began, the upward growth of Rivethead continued at an astounding pace.  Looking back from the distance of almost a few decades now, 1991 proved to be the year of dominance for our little paper.  Our distribution numbers soared, the size of the paper itself usually ran about 32 pages each, our local and national coverage continued to be unparalleled, our rock photography was totally unmatched, and more advertisers than ever were interested in appearing in our editions.  Our journalistic output reached a fevered peak in 1991, we added color to our covers, our artwork continued to be first-rate, and our staff rosters continuously listed names which, today, are legendary in H-town.  1991 proved to be the top of the mountain for Rivethead.  Everything we had been working toward in the three previous years came into full fruition and we were not to be stopped.  Late in 1991, just after the release of our 3rd Anniversary edition, Lisa E. Sullivan sold the entire thing to Rivethead Enterprises, a collective entity composed of the late Joe Claytor, Keith and Cindy Venatta, and Mark McGregor Wright. They installed Gene Bartholomew as Executive Editor and kept the Rivethead train rolling.  By the end of 1991 our apex had been reached, and there was only 1992 yet to come.