The seeds planted in 1988 had spent all of 1989 growing, maturing, and filling out into the full splendor that Rivethead was very close to realizing.  1990 brought thicker and more well-composed actual newspapers than we had been doing up till this point.  Our staff roster swelled to unparalleled numbers and our journalistic reach expanded to start covering this entire region, not just the inner 610 Loop Houston area.  With Lisa E. Sullivan's steady hand at the helm, our circulation numbers skyrocketed and by the end of this year we had already hit the 10,000 copies per month mark.  Having your own original artwork on the cover of Rivethead became a thing to be coveted, and sought after.  Appearing in our pages guaranteed that your band was going to be heard of by somebody.  But even more, we found ourselves providing a sort of cohesiveness to the Houston underground music scene which it had heretofore lacked; through our very existence as a local music publication we were able to provide focus, quality content, and exposure just by getting the issues out there.  We were from the underground, by the underground, and for the underground and we knew it.  Other papers tried -- Public News now and then got their hands dirty, the Houston Post sent scene reporter Claudia Perry around to a few shows, and this new upstart paper back then called the Houston Press would occasionally come out to the Axiom -- but by and large we alone were the print voice of our musical community.  Of course we continued to cover world-famous touring bands, attracting bigger and bigger names as time went on.  We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with an enormous two-month Sept/Oct blowout edition, took a quick little rest, and got back to work in November.  By the close of 1990 Rivethead had become an undeniable force in Houston music, and 1991 lay ahead of us like a vast uncharted ocean.


RH 1990