RH 1989

Issue 6, May 89   It should be, anyway. An error by the printers we used back then resulted in the May 89 Issue being #7. There is no #6.  Instead here is Sam Duran Sr. now in Carrolton, IL but from down here in H-Town.  Reppin' it up north!!


1989 was a year of tremendous growth and many firsts for Rivethead.  In February we published our first ever hard-copy printing press edition, stepping up the game from Lisa E's original typewritten newsletter. A photo of Metallica graced that first cover; thankfully they did not sue us, so we followed up in March with Queensryche.  Our first all-original hand-drawn showcase cover art appeared in July, with Tod Waters being the first artist to debut on the front page of Rivethead.  September brought the First Anniversary Issue and as the year progressed, so too did the size of both our staff and our reach.  As Rivethead became more and more recognizable, more and more well known, more writers wanted to write for us and more musicians wanted to appear in our pages.  The ensuing years would bring a series of very big-name Rivethead interviews, and artwork, but this all started in 1989.