Rivethead Radio Podcast V
by Wes Dodson
original airdate 11/10/11


The Devil’s Rain – The Misfits
Cowboys Do More Dope - Rebel Meets Rebel
Communication Breakdown - dead horse
MTV Ad - Church Of The Subgenius
Goin’ Up And Down - Drunken Thunder
Economicon – Whorehound
Foo Fighters Live Excerpt - Houston Texas - 10 Sept 1995
Failure - Pasadena Napalm Division
Epic Death Interview – Wes Dodson with Andrew C Schlett
Epic Death – Screams From Valhalla
David Koresh Excerpt
Messiah - Turmoil In The Toybox
Texas Funerals – Jon Wayne
Peanuts Excerpt
56 Airline – I-45
Greg Main Interview – Wes Dodson with Andrew C Schlett
Seven Views Of Earth – Academy Black
Hard To Say I’m Sorry (When I’m Not) – Poor Dumb Bastards
Election 2000 Phone Call
Knights of Shining Life – Drunken Thunder