Rivethead Radio Podcast I
by Kit Perkins
original airdate 6/27/11


I Hate You – Verbal Abuse 
John Wayne Was A Nazi – Multi Death Corporation
Hole In The Wall – Dixie Waste
Rather Be Sleeping – D.R.I.
My Dad, Two Whores, and a Crack Pipe – Poor Dumb Bastards
Man On The Window Ledge – The Judys 
John Hinckley - DeSchmog
Blue Green Slime - Sprawl
Fuck More, Bitch Less – Billy Goat
Chemical Imbalance - Skatenigs 
South Texas Death Ride – The Union Underground
Burning In Water, Drowning In Flames - Skrew
Who Was In My Room Last Night - The Butthole Surfers
Zipperneck – Spunk
Blow Away The Earth – Academy Black
Karate – Squat Thrust 
Peaceful Death - Dead Horse
Say What – Marzi Montazari
Speed Queen – The Drunks
You Lose, I Win - Speedealer
Bodies – Drowning Pool
Revolution Is My Name - Pantera