Because We Ruled H-Town Too.

Galleries - When We Ruled H-Town Showcase #2

Photos culled from various sources.  Some of these were taken by Rivethead photographer-at-large Ray Banks, others by Editor Andrew C. Schlett, and some we just lifted.

When We Ruled H-Town is an incredible film project.  Not only does it document for the record the scene we all knew back then, therefore lending validation and credence to that entire chaotic episode of our lives (when the only things we really lived for were life itself and the music we loved) but it also establishes a legacy that will out-last us all.  

These pix are from the second WWRHT Showcase (insert date) which featured such legendary groups as Poor Dumb Bastards and Academy Black (featuring Michael Haaga).  There were two other bands on this bill ( blank and blank) but sadly we did not get any pictures of them.