​​​​​The Case of Wes vs. Back In Black

by Wes Dodson 

​Wes poses two pivotal questions to the jury:  Who is ultimately responsible for the 'problem' of file sharing, and how many times do you have to buy something before you actually own it?

A Pathh

by Mike May, contributing writer

Mike shared this up on the Rivethead Mag Facebook page.  We are NOT a political publication.  However, we find his assessment of our current political quagmire to be incredibly spot-on, and are happy to re-share it here.  Tell it like it is, brother.  'Common Sense' redeux.

Remembering Johnathan Estes

by Lisa E. Sullivan, Founding Editor

Lisa E. reflects on the life and tragic loss of Johnathan Estes, founder of the now-legendary Kingspoint Mullet.

Happy Belated Leap Day

by Andrew C. Schlett

A rather random article on the matters of time and significance (and Rivethead) that I had a good laugh while writing...

Part IV:  The Current State of Houston Music

first published February 23, 2011

27th Anniversary Editor's Note

by Andrew C. Schlett

The Editor's Desk

Part II:  Nice To Be Back

first published January 31, 2011

What is DIY / Why You Should Create Art

by Tom Strubbe

Ambition, anger, sadness, depression, ecstasy and most any and every other human emotion have spawned some of the best… and worst art throughout the history of mankind.

Thoughts On Originality

by Andrew C. Schlett

Just a few musings on why it it important to not continually re-rip-off popular culture... in case anybody cares.  Ain't no money in originality though.

Cum On Feel The Noize

by Wes Dodson

Wes dishes the dirty on the TRUE impact of Quiet Riot.  What you read might surprise you!

Part III:  In The Beginning

first published February 15, 2011

Part VII:  Moving Forward

first published August 19, 2011

(re) View From The Past

by Andrew C. Schlett

a 7-part essay on how life with Rivethead used to be, and what ultimately led to the Rivethead you see here today.

Part I:  Reconnections

first published January 17, 2011

Obamacare and Musicians

by Andrew C. Schlett

​​This could just as easily have been titled "Why I Will Never Be Your Puppet" ... but at least I was able to tie it into music.

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