Promo review

by Andrew C Schlett

The first thing that can be said about Cruxiter’s promo disc is that, with only two songs, it is way too short.  Hearing Cruxiter only leaves you wanting to hear more Cruxiter, and two tracks just isn’t enough for one sitting.  It’s a rare thing these days to hear music this heavy, this true to the true roots of classic metal so passionately executed by musicians who obviously love what they do.  Combining all the best elements of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and others of that same ilk with aspects of new metal and the speed of European death, this two-song promo disc serves as a great introduction to this five (sometimes six)-piece band hailing from the tiny little berg of Alice, Texas.

From the opening guitar crashes of ‘Paradise Found’, the first track on the demo, one is drawn in by the development of the metal chord progression, so when vocalist Joe Gonzalez comes in sounding for all the world like Halford, Dio, and Dickinson with some Geddy Lee thrown in for pitch, you know at once you’re listening to something just a little different.  Its oldschool metal, for sure; you ain’t hearin’ nothing new on this demo, but they just do it so superbly well, with such a modernistic 21st-century contextualization, that anybody who likes real metal would have no choice but to get down with it.

The second and final track is actually two songs together, ‘The Church’ and ‘May Eve’, which extend the track to over five minutes and deliver a whopping nine minutes of music in total.  This is actually not too bad for a promo disc, and that’s nine minutes of non-stop serious rockin’ metal, not nine minutes of crappy pop fluff.  ‘The Church’ is a straight up homage to All Things Metal, and ‘May Eve’ is a classical-guitar-type solo that brings up images of Yngwie to the ear of the beholder.  The disc ends on this pleasantly melodic note, as if sealing Cruxiter’s claim to metal.  We also highly recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance to.  It’s well worth it!  The next time they come through Houston, Rivethead will spread the word!  Because you never get enough!

Cruxiter can be found on the Internet at or on Facebook at and they are also at