Rivethead Remembers:  Joseph Edward Claytor.  12/14/1965 - 07/15/2005

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Hear Bill Bates jamming "Ace Of Spades" live in-studio at KPFT 90.1 on the Sweet Nightmares show along with the legendary dead horse here:

It is difficult to say precisely what Rivethead is these days.  We are an online webzine dedicated to the promotion of music, with a leaning towards the local Houston underground, yes, but we are much more multi-faceted than simply that.  We are chroniclers of contemporary music and archivists of old-scene Houston music; we are journalists, photographers, and interviewers; we are a repository for obscure and otherwise un-heard of music and musicians and we are pleased to put a spotlight on bands who would otherwise remain in the dark.  We have one foot in the past and the other in the present, co-existing in both worlds and jamming to the music of each.

Originally created in 1988 by our beloved Founding Editor Lisa E. Sullivan, Rivethead began an amazing five-year run that ended in 1993 and encompassed almost fifty issues in total.  If you were there back then, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Every club, every concert venue, every show that you went to there was a stack of Rivetheads somewhere close to the door: “Free – Take One” emblazoned across the top.  We were from the underground, by the underground, for the underground.  Nobody covered the inner-loop musical mayhem like we did.  Public News would occasionally sully themselves with a visit to the Axiom, there was this new upstart rag running around calling themselves the Houston Press, and even the esteemed Houston Post sent out a reporter to cover the album release party for Voices of a Red God, but only Rivethead lived in the underground every day.

Our staff rosters contained many names.  Rivethead has never been the product of one particular person or publishing group.  Our diversity is the source of our strength.  People like Joel Gregoire and Scott Smith offering guitar tips.  Exithor, aka John Cooper, penned a fine column called ‘From The Vacuum’ that highlighted the heaviest of the heavy death metal of the day.  The late Bill Bates, may he forever rest in peace, co-founded the Sweet Nightmares radio show on KPFT 90.1 with Wes Weaver and continued to host that show weekly, without fail, until just shortly before his recent very sad passing.  Jessy Mendoza also co-hosted Sweet Nightmares with Bill on many occasions and remains active with KPFT today.  Wendy Jasper (now Jasper-Martinez) is the closest thing to a legitimate professional Rock Journalist that we’ve ever produced and she continues to engage some of the industry’s biggest stars even now.  Joni Dishner, where you at?  There are so many more, too many to list here, but again, what is Rivethead?  It is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of each and every body who ever had a by-line appear in this paper.  None of this would have mattered, though, if those copies would have sat neglected on the racks.  So it is our readers, our fans, our extended family of friends and associates that make up Rivethead as well.  We are Rivethead, and so are all of you.

Sadly, we ceased publication sometime in 1993.  For seventeen long years the name and brand of Rivethead lay dormant, gathering dust, fading from public memory until the far-distant 2010, when our Founding Editor Lisa E. Sullivan opened up a Facebook page for the magazine.  And just like that… we were back!  It’s all different now, we have no hard-copy newspaper anymore, but we still have the Facebook page which sees a great lot of activity and we also have this fabulous website which you are now visiting.  Thank you for being here!  Our focus has shifted somewhat in this new format but our mission remains the same.

 Rivethead Magazine is a completely non-profit, advertisement-free website (except for MCL Screenworks because they provide our stickers at no cost) dedicated to the promotion of local underground music and music in general.  We make no money at this, and we never have.  So why do we do it?



This website and the continued existence of the Rivethead name, logo, and brand are all maintained in honor and homage to the original vision of Lisa E. Sullivan, the Rivethead of the olden days (1988-1993) for which I wrote back then, and to the memories of our departed brothers Joe Claytor  and Bill “The Master” Bates.  Smile down upon us, old friends.  

 -Andrew C. Schlett, Owner/Editor-in-Chief, Rivethead Magazine.


  • Ace of Spades3:25

And mine...

Joe Claytor was one of our own. Once the editor here at Rivethead, key to our early success, Joe was also well-renown in the Houston music community as the man to see if you wanted to book a show in this town. His connections were endless, his resources extraordinary, and his keen sense of what was cool and what wasn't made him more valuable than he ever knew. He booked tons of bands into the Axiom, and other clubs too, worked with national and international promoters on a daily basis, managed Academy Black, worked tirelessly as a rock journalist. After that he went on to become a father and a family man with great success. Joe was lost to us in 2005, along with his brother Doug and another friend of theirs, in a tragic car crash. I knew Joe. I admired and respected, yes, even loved Joe. I hope this brief little obit does him justice. Rest in peace, my old friend. We all still miss you! -ACS


Rivethead Remembers:  Bill "The Master" Bates. 12/15/1962 - 02/21/2016