by Mike May, contributing writer

It's been clear for quite a while now that the extremists are in charge, the fix is on, and that's why things are getting more and more broken. 

The resultant government policies implemented by these ruling elites are destroying the planet, killing innocent foreigners indiscriminately by the dozens of tens upon tens of thousands, with exponentially more and more refugees, driving this country into the ground, and reminding we the people that we have no handle whatsoever on our own(ed) political structure. 

When peace and fundamental human rights are controversial, what does that tell us about the corrupt political leadership of the U.S.?

It tells me that since our confidence and faith in the domestic power structure has been violated in severe ways that created the conditions for a fascist grab, we the people no longer have a valid reason to trust our government, just flimsy excuses that can't stand the light of day outside the blinders of nationalism.

The very structure that is supposed to have a social compact with the consent of the governed, promoting the general welfare as prescribed in the U.S. Constitution, is the entity that is dismantling it's original raison d’être!  Is that what democracy looks like?

What does that say about the public's role in a functional democracy, which is of course about accountability and justice?

It tells me that the less we know, the worse off we are. There are countless examples of this, and if the general public can understand what's at stake and what we all can do about it, then the peace and justice movement can continue to help re-popularize populism, in a new and improved pragmatic way, trying to be what I personally call "classy and class-free".

The nuts and bolts and grunt work and diligence are of course essential to our outreach and awareness campaigns, both ad-hoc and official. 

To get back on course to forward motion towards positive social change in which the paradigm (that we the people agree to) represents the public interest and not the corporate state, the existing political structure needs a major overhaul with thorough thought on how to prevent a new structure from being used as a vehicle for private wealth accumulation and immense privatized power, leaving an uninformed population paying for the privilege of getting fucked over.  If we the people are in charge of our collective destiny, the policies that we determine will be much more tenable, winnable, and sustainable, because we will be liberating power, returning it to its rightful owners, not those who have confiscated and consolidated it for far too long.


Perpetuating activism that helps humanity is not extreme, it is humanitarian. Find the pathh, and help blaze it's trail further.

Take a stand, make a difference, do what you can.  Peace demands action. Peace requires vigilance.  Peace requires people-power.


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