Taking to the stage, it was evident that Torrid Complex commanded the attention of all with a fiery, bowel shaking wall of sonic thunder that conquered first and didn’t bother with questions later! These four guys were vicious!

Offstage they came across as down home, friendly guys that were firmly grounded in reality, a quality that lots of young bands tend to be void of now-a-days. As TCX drove their set home, it became apparent that the apple indeed falls not far from the tree! Watching Caleb perform makes it difficult to deny talent being a hereditary trait!

From what I’ve witnessed, if Torrid Complex are groomed and managed properly one might expect to see them doing bigger and better things in the very near future!

Terry Jones (left) and Koury Snider of Torrid Complex

Features - The 00 Birthday Bash and Memorial

David Weldon Roberts (1970 -2013) Caleb's dad. Rest in peace, old friend.

Event organizer George Hogan sat a couple of barstools onstage for the eulogy recital. While sharing those tattered, aging memories of years past, Caleb would stop what he was doing to sit at my side as I concluded my public farewell to his father.

Something about Caleb Roberts almost immediately struck me as oddly… familiar. I have yet to put my finger on it, be it last time I saw him (in 1996) he was still in diapers!  Yet something about him kept gnawing at me… at times it was as if we had known each another a long, long time ago. 

As I write this, I might venture as far as to say that there is little doubt that Welden was indeed with us that night, honored by this gathering of friends and loved ones and watching over his son.  I am left with the impression that he would have been very, very proud….

Wes Dodson and Caleb Roberts reflect on Caleb's dad.


The 00 Birthday Bash and Memorial

22 JUNE 2013

Maverick’s Saloon, Conroe, Texas

By: Wes Dodson

Special to Rivethead Magazine


Prior to his untimely passing back in May, David Welden Roberts had expressed to family his wish for a memorial jam as opposed to traditional funeral services.

Promoters George Hogan and James Robayo, the dynamic duo behind the Pack of Wolves Entertainment Agency, stepped up to assist the Roberts family in seeing that this last wish was honored.

Facilitated by Maverick’s Saloon in Conroe, a memorial service would start out the evening, followed up by a cascade of local talent which also served to double up as a previously planned birthday fiasco for Torrid Complex vocalist, Jack Sorenson.

What started out as a celebration of Welden’s memory would turn into a celebration of life through his friends, family, and the music he held so very near to his heart. He would have certainly been most honored by the efforts and labors of all involved!

Following an hour long remembrance and an impromptu, two-song acoustic warm up from Geoffrey Floyd, the lights went down for an energetic, half hour opening set from the Dayton, Texas trio, Fighting With Silence.

As 9 p.m. rolled around, so began the live broadcast of Rock 101 KLOL’s The Grind, hosted by metal-mogul, Tommy D Kat.

You know, I gotta tell ya… that guy is as much a rock star as anyone out there holding a guitar! I watched Tommy as he skillfully demonstrated before a bedazzled audience; perform the amazing, overflowing Bulgarian Ashtray Trick right before our very eyes!

Surrounded by babes and clouds of cigarette smoke, there were times in which Tommy certainly reflected the glittering, celebrity KLOL alumni of yesteryear, such as Outlaw Dave, and… Greggo!

However, it was also because of Tommy D Kat that your humble narrator would first observe the terrible, debilitating affliction suffered by those who are rendered hopeless by playing Candy Crush!

Poor Tommy… Poor, poor Tommy…

Next up on the menu that evening was Mechanisms Of A False Reality, a teeth-gnashing, die-cast metal foursome out of Magnolia that we have been privy to since their infancy.

I was quite pleased to discover how much these guys had tightened up the gears since the last time we saw them at a Garage Mahal function with Epic Death back in May of 2012.

Nathan, Robbie, Chris, and Pinky have sure as hell added a high-end performance package to an already finely-tuned engine; even spit-shining the chrome trim that adorns their street-slammin’, overhauled metal machine known as Mechanisms Of A False Reality!

I’m willing to place a friendly wager on these guys making an institution out of their name if they keep at it!

Traveling from one end of Montgomery County to the other in a truck without air conditioning could be construed as a salute of unwavering loyalty under this Rivethead Magazine banner; on this… the first infernal day of summer, 2013.

Okay, so it isn’t exactly an oversized tattoo of the magazine logo on a lower extremity, however, we justly warrant the need on occasion to make our Supreme (meat lovers) Editor-At-Large (pizza) feel sorry for us… which he never does.

Therefore, such notion of my wilted, crispy, gnarled corpse collapsing sideways out of my truck in the venue parking lot draws not so much as a wee contortion about the oft-imagined, superimposed harelip adorning our benevolent Editor’s grimaced, Elvis Presley snarl.

He doesn’t really sport a harelip; I only picture him with one during his empathetic denials of my sufferings.

And as these things oft happen, we find ourselves running behind in our commerce, therefore missing the start of the 6 p.m. memorial. I had that morning drafted a two-paged eulogy for our departed comrade and now found myself in search for a spot between bands to deliver it to attending family and friends.

They say an apple never falls far from them tree. In life, Welden was an undeniably phenomenal talent behind a drum kit. One could go so far as to say he was a rare prodigy even among seasoned musicians.

And now his son, Caleb, follows close behind those footsteps as drummer for Torrid Complex, a four-piece, Texas metal outfit out of Conroe… and the next band up on the bill.

Do any of you folks remember the 2005 Wes Craven film, “Feast”, starring Henry Rollins?


Remember the character who played the bar owner, Bossman?




“A solitary glimpse of the towering, foreboding figure that is Shaving Susie front man, Chris Cook, is proof beyond any damned doubt that Bossman and Chris Cook are indeed the very same damned person!”

Wes Dodson, Rivethead Radio

I first became aware of the Alvin-based (extra crispy) 5-piece, Shaving Susie, when their name first appeared on a flyer for the deadhorse DVD release party at The Engine Room this past year.

Their appearance at this function was something of a special treat for me, as I’ve been kinda itchin’ to see ‘em for a spell.

Go ahead! Grace your ears with the raucous, Southern-styled jubilee, “Hillbilly Moonshine”. Or… if’n you like it extra thick an’ spicy, the track “Louisiana” provides an easy affirmation that these down home country folk deliver up an unlawful, seriously overloaded, 12-yard dump truck full of some of the meanest home-grown, full-throttle, ass kickin’, bona fide, deep fried Southern metal to be found in these here parts!

If I’m lyin’ I’ll be go to Hell!

If a wholesome country blend of Skynyrd, SRV, and Pantera meet to your likin’s, then you’re hard pressed to find a better bang for that silver dollar in your pocket than a live Shaving Susie performance… anywhere!

It is good policy to avoid the circling, predatory sharks that fish the weekend roadways, feeding off of the impaired baitfish and surrounding plankton in the small hours. As it were, that policy would regrettably force us to miss out on the last band of the evening, a Houston power-rock outfit called, Power Rage.

Axe slinger Spider Naragon, drummer Benny Witt, bassist Jared Kee, and guitarist/ vocalist G-Man had kept us in pleasant company for the duration of the evening. It was something of a disappointment to depart Conroe prior to their set, but we adhere to the rules that we live by in effort to rock another day… self-preservation, if you will.

Power Rage would be the most gracious of folks to hang out with that night. The misses and I were quite fond of the company of Spiders wife, Tracy… who, if I’m not mistaken also serves as the band manager.

And, in some Twilight Zone case of spooky weirdness, drummer Benny Witt had previously (and unknowingly) purchased Welden Roberts’ signature white drum set from a pawn shop!

What are the odds of that?

By some cosmic twist of fate, Welden’s former workhorse of a drum set made a coincidental appearance at his memorial!

Eerie, huh?

We promise to make up this missed performance to Spider and company somewhere down the road. But in the meantime, a great big muchos gracias to Power Rage for being the really cool sons-a-bitches that they are!

And as the clock struck Witching Hour, the misses and I started a-scoochin’ towards to the front exit…

Once outside, we passed a man on the sidewalk who boldly professed…

“I have perfect nipples!”

Intrigued, I stopped to ask, “Both of them?”


“But, surely you must have a preference. Which of the two do you prefer?”

“This one.”

“Mind if I take a picture of it?”


I pulled my camera out of its case for this one last, strangely deserving photo op.

“Okay, now squeeze the motherfucker.”

*** CLICK! ***

“Bye now!”

Tommy D. Kat

Caleb Roberts on skins for Torrid Complex

While this had absolutely nothing to do with what had transpired at Maverick’s this night, it did provide the misses and I with one hell of an entertaining, if not perplexing, “What the fuck was that?”, as we departed the Montgomery County Seat for a more familiar realm.




















All Photos © Wes Dodson