(re)View From The Past

by Andrew C Schlett

a series of retrospective essays looking back on the past, how Rivethead used to be, and how that past has helped to shape and form my personal present.  All of these were written between January and August of 2011 and ultimately led to my moving back home to Houston from the Denver, CO area and taking over as Editor here at our favorite underground music rag....

(re)View 1


(re)View 2

A Big Howdy Back

​(re)View 3

In The Beginning...

(re)View 4

Don't Be A Junkie

(re)View 5

A Tale Of Two Interviews (part 1 - Exodus)

(re)View 6

A Tale of Two Interviews (part 2 - Academy Black)

(re)Vew 7

Wrap and re-cap

The Editor's Desk