Rivethead Issue #14, December 1989.  Edited and published by Lisa E. Sullivan.  This issue featured a bad-ass telephone interview with Nuclear Assault done by the late Joe Claytor, an expose on Watchtower done by the also sadly late Bill "Master" Bates, and others.  It also featured updates on Local Lix, high-level expert guitar tips from Joel Gregoire and Scott Smith, Davey's Corner, another totally collectible pull-out centerfold calendar poster, reviews, Soundboard,  and as the cover says, "A Whole Lot More!"  On a personal note, this is the first issue of Rivethead that I, Andrew C. Schlett, current owner/editor/web designer/buck-stops-here guy at this webzine, ever picked up.  I was at a Chastain show at After Dark on tickets that me and a buddy had won from ZRock, and grabbed this trash rag on the way out the door.  My first article appeared the following month, in January 1990.  The rest of that story can be read on the 'Editor's Desk' page, but nonetheless, here I still am in 2016.  We appreciate that all of you are still here too.  Rivethead Rocks!  (still have that exact same copy, by the way)

RH 14