Pick Show Of The Month:

Rivethead gladly welcomes our old friends Prong to the stage at Scout Bar on April 30th.  Special guests are Green As Emerald, ORR, our other friends in Force Fed, and the Dread Pixels.


Rivethead Issue #5, April 1989  pg 8

Rivethead Issue #5, April 1989 pg 6.   

Rivethead Issue #5, April 1989 pg 7.



We continue to remember our dear friend, former staff writer, and host of KPFT's "Sweet Nightmares" radio show, the legendary Bill Bates.  Here we present a clip from his show where he sits in with deadhorse to cover "Ace of Spades".  You'll never hear this anywhere else.  (Player not available in mobile version, sorry)

Photo of Bill Bates by Andy Green.  Used without permission.

APRIL 2016

Rivethead Issue #5, April 1989.  Edited and published by Lisa E. Sullivan.  Cover photos uncredited.  This issue featured interviews with Lillian Axe and Metal Church, as well as Headbanger's Ball, caught In The Act, the April Calendar, Pick Show, and much more!  It is available for viewing in the Rivethead Archives.  If YOU have a copy of any lost issues we may need to scan, please don't keep them to yourself!  Check in the Archives to see what we're still looking for.


Rivethead Magazine and Last Entertainment Corporation of America, in association with Red Clown Crematorium and the Rev. Dr. Dubb Diablo, are proud to present:  "Shut Up & Listen", an ongoing showcase of select Southern Texas indie talents of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


stream both of these webzine compilations for totally free here:

Volume 1

Rivethead Stickers are now available!  All stickers proudly produced and provided by Sammy Salazar Chong and MCL Screenworks, El Cerrito CA.  Thank you Sammy!! 

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