Welcome to the Official Rivethead Magazine Website!  If you remember venues like the Axiom, Pik-n-Pak, After Dark, Numbers, Emo’s, Fitzgeralds, The Vatican and more, and if you remember bands like Bayou Pigs, Pain Teens, The Awful Truth, Stride, dead horse, Krizel, and many others, then you’re in the right place!  Here you will find the old Rivethead and the new Rivethead, with opinions, reviews, interviews, features, music, lots of action photography, our entire compendium of published issues (1988 – 1993) and our fantastic collection of Rivethead Podcasts.  Browse through our pages, let us take you back to the past, and into the present.  Rivethead Magazine.  Because the Music Matters.

All Rivethead stickers proudly produced and provided by MCL Screenworks, El Cerrito, CA.  This is former December's Child bassist Sammy Salazar Chong's company; they do excellent screening.  Also check out his current band "Closet Lames" who have some pretty nifty tunes.

Dashboard Mary, page 8 of the Nov '91 issue.

Rivethead Magazine Issue #36, November 1991.  Published by Rivethead Enterprises.  Edited by Gene B.  Fantastic iconic cover art by the legendary H-Town (and still active) artist Uncle Charlie.  This issue featured Jack Snowden interviewing Pain Teens, Gene B. interviewing Haggis, Gene also sat down with Earl Slick, Hillary York interviews Dashboard Mary, there is the monthly Calendar, reviews, Spider's Video Web, My Rules again, and of course Soundboard!

Pain Teens, page 4 of the Nov '91 issue.

Basilisk has a new cassette available!!