Welcome to the Official Rivethead Magazine Website!  If you remember venues like the Axiom, Pik-n-Pak, After Dark, Numbers, Emo’s, Fitzgeralds, The Vatican and more, and if you remember bands like Bayou Pigs, Pain Teens, The Awful Truth, Stride, dead horse, Krizel, and many others, then you’re in the right place!  Here you will find the old Rivethead and the new Rivethead, with opinions, reviews, interviews, features, music, lots of action photography, our entire compendium of published issues (1988 – 1993) and our fantastic collection of Rivethead Podcasts.  Browse through our pages, let us take you back to the past, and into the present.  Rivethead Magazine.  Because the Music Matters.

All Rivethead stickers proudly produced and provided by MCL Screenworks, El Cerrito, CA.  This is former December's Child bassist Sammy Salazar Chong's company; they do excellent screening.  Also check out his current band "Closet Lames" who have some pretty nifty tunes.

Rivethead Issue #30, May 1991.  Edited and published by Lisa E. Sullivan.  Triumphant cover art by Jason Rostle.  This issue featured Gene B. and Kelly Watson looking ahead to the 'Clash Of The Titans' tour, there's Soundboard, Guitar Tips, the monthly Calendar, Lisa's Editorial, Best Bets, Exithor takes you back From The Vacuum, lots of demo and show reviews, and much more!!

Podcasts Revisited:  Podcast XI  "An Easy Death for a Hard Life "

Rivethead Magazine Podcast XI An Easy Death for a Hard Life; by Wes Dodson.  Original airdate September 2012

​​1.     ratbastard – The Country Western Homie (1997)
2.     FRIENDLYS – King Of The Hill Theme (2003)
3.     RJ2K – Let’s Put Your Mom In A Nursing Home (1999)
4.     WES DODSON – Down Here In The Slums (2007)
5.     WES DODSON - Hoagly (1997)
6.     WES DODSON – You Just Wait (1998)
7.     ratbastard – Piss On You (1997)
8.     RJ2K – I Don’t Know What To Say (1999)
9.     FRIENDLYS - Summersalt (2003)
10.   BZ – Angel & Tommy (1994)
11.   WES DODSON – Welfare Cadillac (1997)
12.   WES DODSON – Jew Me Down (1998)
13.   PROTARD – I Walked With A Zombie (2010)
14.   WES DODSON – Cilantro (2012)
15.   RJ2K – Pretty Girl Like You (1999)
16.   WES DODSON – Let’s Blow Up The World (1998)
17.   PROTARD – Down The Drain (2010)
18.   FRIENDLYS – Coconut Girl (2003)
19.   ratbastard – Rock Moscow (1998)
20.   PROTARD – Besame Nacho Libre (2008)
21.   WES DODSON – Shit, You Know It’s Hard (1997)
22.   FRIENDLYS – Theme from The Fall Guy (2003)
23.   WES DODSON – I Believe in Dru*s (1998)
24.   WES DODSON – Leaves (1996)
25.   FRIENDLYS – If That Makes Me A Redneck (2003)
26.   WES DODSON – In My Life (1998)
27.   WES DODSON – Motel 6 Theme (1996)